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About Lynda

I was a little girl in New York City before coming to the Dayton area, where I have lived most of my life.

Fond memories of the various ethnic bakeries throughout New York had a great impact on my love of baking and the heritage and tradition of old European recipes.  My Dad, an avid gardener and excellent cook, inspired me to use fresh ingredients for the best results.

By age 10, I was busy in the family kitchen, experimenting with recipes new to me, and learning to recreate old favorites from the bakeries back in New York.

By the time I was an adult, I recognized that the Dayton area, with very few exceptions, was lacking cake bakeries that make everything from scratch, and because of this, the people of this area did not have the opportunity to taste what really well made cakes are like.  They can be such a delicious indulgence; a part of a meal worth remembering, the finishing touch to a special occasion!

One should not settle for the sheet cake from the local bulk-producing bakery or grocery store department, where everything starts with canned, boxed or packaged stuff.  

The word, “cake”, to many, just means a sugary, grease-topped sweet bite perhaps not worth consuming (certainly not worth the calories), which is a mandatory part of a party.  It should be so much more!

Try a delicious cake that I will make for you, and know the difference between an obligatory slab of cake and the indulgence that is a gourmet cake to make you smile while you are eating it!

Here is one of my favorite comedians that I would like to share with you.