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My Cakes

My Cakes

Rich, indulgent flavors and dramatic presentation make truffle tortes, layer cakes and traditional cakes perfect for your holiday dessert!

Truffle Tortes are our most requested cakes; they are Lynda’s prized creations; her pride and joy (after her kids, of course)!  The cake layers are filled with a luscious baked truffle filling before being layered with their signature fillings.  The combination of flavors and textures is irresistible!

You won’t find this quality of cakes at any cake bakery in Dayton Ohio or the Miami Valley area.

Below is our selection of Torte Cakes from which to choose:


Raspberry Truffle Torte:

Layers of either vanilla cake or chocolate cake wrapped in smooth semisweet chocolate ganache, laced with Chambord Liqueur, then filled with fluffy raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream and intense raspberry sauce. The crowning glory is more of the vividly red raspberry sauce pooled on the top of the cake with crisp chocolate decorations to finish this beauty perfectly.  


Toasted Almond Mocha Truffle Torte:

Layers of either vanilla cake or chocolate cake wrapped in smooth semisweet chocolate ganache, laced with Amaretto Liqueur, then filled with Swiss meringue buttercream which has been infused with coffee, and enhanced with ground freshly toasted almonds.  The decoration of almonds atop this innocent-looking layer cake hints of the crunchy delicious treat within.


Peanut Butter Crunch Truffle Torte:

On a whim, we decided to try pairing our beloved peanut butter crunch candy with our Truffle Torte; what a hit! Your choice of buttery vanilla cake or moist chocolate cake filled with layers of chocolate ganache and peanut butter buttercream with the namesake candy chopped and blended in.  This makes for a most enjoyable combination of cake and candy which any peanut butter lover simply must try!


Layer Cakes are another delicious choice, for holidays or any special time.  For more of the gourmet cakes Dayton Ohio craves, we offer this delectable selection of from which to choose.  My layer cakes are billowing with homemade fillings, leaving no room in your mouth except to say “mmm…”


White Chocolate Praline Crunch Layer Cake:

If there is any one cake just perfect for Christmas, this just might be it!  The richness and beauty of white chocolate and the crunch of fresh made almond praline candy ground to a golden powder makes for an irresistable combination, and so beautiful!


Neapolitan Layer Cake:

Chocolate/vanilla/strawberry is a classic combination, which is always a hit.  We start with buttery vanilla cake or moist chocolate cake. Then we enrobe them in chocolate ganache, just to make sure there’s enough chocolate.  We then layer them with ripe strawberry buttercream and, when available, plenty of fresh chopped bright red strawberries. We wrap it all in melt-in-your-mouth vanilla buttercream, and then crown the cake with gorgeous strawberry sauce and chocolate decorations.  Here you have a masterpiece which tastes like summer in every bite.


Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake:

A light, luscious cake for those who don’t want the richness of chocolate, but do enjoy a flavor adventure. Moist lemon cake is layered with tart lemon filling and beautiful blueberry sauce, which is bursting with berries. Wrapped in lemon Swiss meringue buttercream and topped with a pool of more blueberry sauce, this cake is a dramatic contrast in colors and flavors.  And, yes, many fruits were sacrificed for your enjoyment with each and every bite.


Nutty Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake:

Layers of moist chocolate cake and nutty almond cake are stacked with caramel and marzipan fillings, then enveloped in a whipped chocolate frosting.  A pool of caramel on top gives a delicious and different look to this layered masterpiece.


Traditional Cakes are a passion of mine.  They have withstood the test of time and endure as favorites for an important reason:  They are wonderful!  Here are the traditional cakes we are currently baking:


Carrot Cake:

Moist and tender, nicely spiced, with pineapple for sweetness, and almonds for crunch.  Cream cheese frosting whipped light as air is generously slathered on.  Need we say more?  You’ll say, “May I have another slice?”


Dobos Torte:

Over 100 years ago, Jozsef Dobos, a Hungarian baker famous for his creativity both in the kitchen and in his antics, made this masterpiece.  The Dobos Torte, with its many layers of delicate cake and chocolate cream is crowned with a caramelized layer for a sensational finish.

We do our best to recreate the cake which became famous and beloved around the world.  It’s tender crumb and candy top is an enduring combination still incomparable these many generations later.  Enjoy a delectable piece of history when you share this famous and beautiful dessert.  This cake is only available in the 9” size.


Angel Food Cake:

Our Angel Food Cakes, like all our cakes, are made from the best all natural ingredients, and are very different from the store bought variety.  Moist and tender from fresh-whipped meringue, studded with ground bittersweet chocolate and ground homemade almond praline, then drizzled with rich chocolate ganache; this cake is light and rich at the same time.  Give it a try, it is heavenly!

This cake is only available in a 9” ring cake.  Serves 16.


Perfect Baked Cheesecake:

We have developed a slow bake method which makes our cheesecake the perfect cross between a delicate bite and a dense cake. We have a variety of toppings for your selection, but the unadorned cake is fabulous! With the traditional buttery graham crust, this familiar favorite may just be the best one you have ever had. Toppings vary seasonally.  Crunchy Pecan Caramel topping is just right for your Thanksgiving table. Glistening Cranberry Sauce on our Cheesecake makes a beautiful Christmas dessert.  

Call to discuss other choices.  Surely, you will find the one just right for your celebration.

This cake is only available in the 9” size.



9” round cake                      serves 12 to 16          $60.00

Trio of 9” round cakes        serves 36 to 48           $165.00

10” square cake                  serves 30                    $120.00


A trio of cakes makes a spectacular dessert presentation as well as a taste treat; and who minds if there are leftovers?  A take-home plate is a nice way for your guests to remember their celebration with you.

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