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Why should I pay more, for a cake from Cakes by Lynda?

Here’s Why Cakes by Lynda Cost More – Quality You Can Taste!

Asking that question is like asking, why should I pay more for a Lexus, a BMW, or a Mercedes when I can get a Yugo?

Or, why should I buy a diamond when I can get CZ?

Cakes by Lynda in Dayton Ohio - Quality You Can Taste!


The answer is simple, you prefer quality over price.

This is where Cakes by Lynda excels.

The quality of ingredients used in her gourmet cakes are the best gathered from around the world.

You will not find the quality of these ingredients that Lynda uses in grocery stores or big box stores or even at most of the local bakeries.

Lynda takes great pride in making everything from scratch.

Different chocolates from around the world, such as Belgian chocolates, Swiss chocolates, German chocolates and even some American chocolates are masterfully blended into different one-of-a-kind recipes that Lynda has created for our customers.

The finest liqueurs such as Chambord, Grand Marnier, Disaronno Amaretto and others are used to create flavors that are beyond compare.  This is why you will not find gourmet cakes like ours anywhere in the Dayton and Miami Valley area.

The freshest of fruits available,  including oranges, lemons, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, are hand pureed for fresh handmade sauces, made into candied fruit peels, and other delicious uses.

The finest coffees and freshly roasted nuts from around the world are used for many recipes.

Handmade buttercream frostings from old European recipes are available in many flavors.

It is plain to see why you will not find or taste anything comparable in stores or even at what are considered the finest bakeries in the Dayton Ohio and Miami Valley area.

Very, very, very, few go to this extent to create their recipes; you will taste the difference!

Using highest quality ingredients costs considerably more, as well as the time involved for preparation of all the ingredients.

The end result?  Quality you can taste!

Once you have tried any of our creations, you quickly understand why they cost more than your everyday run of the mill treats found everywhere.

If you are having any kind of special occasion and want to create a wonderful memory of your event, then there is only one place in Dayton, Ohio to get this type of quality, Cakes by Lynda.

Where our motto is ” Baking Memories to Last a Lifetime”.